MAFS UK viewers are upset Alexis and Ant aren't going to be a couple

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Photo credit: E4
Photo credit: E4

Married At First Sight UK is giving us MASFA levels of drama right now. After Marilyse and Franky's questionable honeymoon and Nikita being asked to leave the show, last night's episode [9 September] then saw two couples leaving the experiment.

Following the first ever dinner party, the couples took part in a commitment ceremony, where each participant was asked whether they wanted to 'STAY' or 'LEAVE' the show.

As Nikita was removed from the experiment, Ant also had to drop out, before Jordan and Alexis both wrote 'LEAVE' and were asked to make an exit, too.

Photo credit: E4
Photo credit: E4

But viewers were upset with the fact Ant and Alexis didn't get to give things a go, after noticing their spark during the dinner party. " Noooooooo we're going to miss the chance to see what would have happened with Ant and Alexis," one person wrote.

Another put, "If Ant and Alexis do not come back as a couple I’ll be fuming #MAFSUK"

Someone else said, "They need to bring Alexis and Ant back and couple them up" and "Ant and Alexis should come back as a couple! They deserve a chance! #MAFSUK"

We can kind of see this working outside Married At First Sight. Anyone else?

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