MAFS UK fans all have a new favourite person from the show

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

The Married at First Sight UK reunion hit our screens last night [4 October] and it's safe to say the show's contestants brought the drama with them.

But among all the fallout from the show, it seems fans still have a lot of love to give too - and it's currently being directed at two people in particular.

During the reunion episode, we found out Luke Dawson and Morag Crichton are no longer a couple, despite the pair surprising fans by deciding to stay together in Friday's final commitment ceremony.

Prior to the series ending, we saw Luke's mum, Lynn Kamanda, getting real with her son about her thoughts on Morag - and her honesty means she's become an unlikely fan favourite on the show.

Photo credit: E4
Photo credit: E4

Last week, we heard Lynn's advice to Luke with her telling him, "Obviously, I want what's best for you, Luke. I’m not convinced that Morag is for you.

"My concerns are, is there enough there between you to make this work long distance? I can see that you would try, but would Morag give everything back to you as well? I just want you to be happy."

She continued, telling viewers separately, "I personally think he deserves a lot more, but at the same time, Luke knows what he wants and what he deserves. He’ll figure that out for himself."

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Now, fans are expressing their love for Luke's mum thanks to her honesty, with one viewer writing on Twitter, "Luke’s Mum is actually amazing!"

Another wrote, "I adore Luke’s mum, everything she says just makes perfect sense," while one viewer added, "Luke’s mum is the kind of mum everyone deserves. Such a lovely woman!"

Here's what the rest of Twitter had to say:

Along with Luke's mum saying it like it is, fans have been praising contestant Matt Jameson for his honesty too.

Last week's final dinner party saw Matt ask Morag, "Why wasn't the old Luke good enough for you?" When Morag seemed to dodge the question, Matt admitted "I’m going to explode," and fans are loving it.

One fan on Twitter called Matt and Luke's mum "The most honest people in the show", while others have praised Matt for saying "what we’re all thinking".

Here's hoping we'll see more of Matt and Luke's mum soon.

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