MAFS : Clint Is in Hot Water After Admitting New Wife Gina Doesn't Fit His Usual 'Athletic, Slender' Type

MAFS : Clint Is in Hot Water After Admitting New Wife Gina Doesn't Fit His Usual 'Athletic, Slender' Type

Clint's comments about his new wife, Gina, aren't sitting well with the Married at First Sight couples.

In PEOPLE's exclusive clip of Wednesday's episode, Clint states his new wife isn't his normal "type" physically. What that means to him: Gina apparently isn't "athletic" and "slender."

The clip begins with a lighthearted conversation about what each couple expected to find at the end of the aisle when they wed without ever meeting.

Kirsten joked her husband's bald head wasn't what she initially pictured — a remark that was received with laughs from the rest of the cast.

"But he checks off the boxes in all the other areas," she adds. "So, forget the physical attraction. That'll grow."

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Married at First Sight Season 16 clint gina
Married at First Sight Season 16 clint gina

Matthew Kahn Photography Clint and Gina

Gina responds: "I have been in a relationship where that has grown later. It was one of the best relationships I've had and it wasn't someone I was initially — had a physical spark with."

She reveals her biggest struggle with Clint has been the chemistry, though they "have kissed a couple of times."

It's then that Clint drops the bomb that Gina doesn't fit his fitness model standards. "The physical component, typically, the girls that I've dated are very athletic, slender. That's just the mold that I'm attracted to," he says.

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Later, Clint adds, "You know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And she said she doesn't like red heads, so here we are."

No one responds to Clint's comment — and the cast looks bewildered by his admission.

"My jaw is on the floor. I'm in shock right now. Like, read the room. You're sitting in a room with curvy women. What the hell, bro," Domynique tells cameras.

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Attraction is just one of the many issues that the season 16 cast has faced on Married at First Sight so far. One couple didn't get as much honeymoon bliss due to a delayed start for a conference, while another grappled with their modest versus extroverted views on sex.

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.