MAFS Australia's Janelle reveals she kissed another cast member after filming

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Are you ready for some Married at First Sight Australia tea? Because Janelle Han has just spilled a major revelation about what happened between fellow cast member Jesse Burford and herself after they left the series.

In case you'd forgotten (how could you?) Janelle and Jesse were at the centre of one of MAFS Australia's biggest scandals this season, when their partners Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas kissed on a night out, causing both relationships to eventually end. Jesse and Claire tried to keep their relationship going for a few weeks but broke up in one of the later commitment ceremonies. Adam and Janelle broke up shortly after the revelation, with Janelle appearing to be devastated over the cheating and lies.

Following their shared heartbreak there were rumours Jesse and Janelle were getting close after the pair were spotted holding hands, and now Janelle has finally addressed what is going on with Jesse.

Speaking to Yahoo! Australia, Janelle revealed the pair have a close bond due to their "trauma bonding" and have in fact shared a kiss.

She said: "So there are some articles of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth. We did have a bit of a trauma bond and, he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck that’s it.”

So are the pair dating? Well, Janelle cleared that up too, telling the site they are just good friends. Janelle revealed whilst they spoke about a potential relationship, they have put it on the back burner due to Janelle moving to Sydney.

"It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren’t going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we’re just really good friends," she said.

Jesse also shut down the rumours anything is going on between himself and Janelle, telling So Dramatic! that they are just "good mates".

He also added: "Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were gonna walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long-distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”

Is anyone else kinda disappointed? We would definitely be here for a Jesse and Janelle relationship.

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