MAFS Australia fans are saying the same thing about Duncan

We’re almost at the end of season ten of Married At First Sight Australia and from cheating to breakups, it’s been a dramatic one.

Now, fans of the series – which sees singletons expertly matched to a partner who they meet on their wedding day – are saying the same thing about Duncan after he broke up with Alyssa.

So, with more final vows and an explosive reunion right around the corner, here’s what viewers are sharing on social media about Duncan.

In case you missed last night’s (1st May) episode, some of our remaining couples decided whether they wanted to stay with their partner or break up at final vows.

Duncan decided to call it quits with Alyssa, saying he didn’t feel supported in the relationship and that they’re too different for things to work out.

“I’ve felt emotionally rejected more times than I can remember,” he told her. “Maybe it’s our personalities, maybe it’s our different mindsets. But either way, the gap seems too big to bridge.”

In response, Alyssa said she was "absolutely devastated."

"I feel sick, I feel betrayed," she added. "I don't know who that person is. I don't know who that is. I feel like Duncan is looking for a princess to take care of. But I'm not a princess, I'm a queen."

While some viewers were sad to see the breakup, others were happy to hear he is now single, and therefore, potentially available!

“Sad to see the breakup, happy to see Duncan is available,” wrote one viewer. “The queue of women waiting for Duncan’s release,” shared another with a picture of a long line, which we low-key want to join.

“Women in Australia after hearing Duncan is back on the market,” wrote another. “Duncan isn’t going to stay single for too long,” added another viewer.

With his top communication skills, funny banter and loyalty to others, we can totally see why people are lining up!

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4.

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