MAFS Australia fans have the same complaint about finale reunion

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After months of dinner parties, heartbreak and Ollie's impressions Married At First Sight Australia season 10 finally came to an end last night on E4, but not before delivering us one last dose of drama courtesy of the final commitment ceremony.

In the extra long special episode we saw all 12 couples head for one final session with experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla.

During the episode we got updates from Ollie and Tahnee, and Mel and Layton about how well their relationships were going. We got to the bottom of that sexting scandal between Tayla and Cameron (they're just friends btw) and the group saw a clip of Hugo revealing the extent of what happened on the infamous butt dial night.

married at first sight fans have same complaint over finale

Whilst it was great to see couples like Sandy and Dan, and Alyssa and Duncan finally confront everything that went down in their relationships, not all couples were given screen time. In fact out of the 12 couples who entered the experiment, last night's reunion only featured in-depth chats with half of them.

Couples who arguably still had a lot to talk about such as Harrison and Bronte, and Rupert and Evelyn, weren't shown having their chats with the experts.

And viewers aren't thrilled with half of the conversations not being included, with many taking to social media to complain.

One person asked: "I’m confused where’s the reunion for everyone else???? Why aren’t we seeing Harrison?? SOMEONE EXPLAIN #MAFSAU."

Another said: "They should really make the final couch Reunion show 2 hours long. Too many cuts made by producers."

And another said: "Well that last reunion episode was a waste of my time didn’t even see all the bloody couples talk is there an extended version I can see? #MAFSAU."

Another also questioned: "What's the point in bringing Josh, Harrison, Caitlin etc back for a reunion and not showing their journeys?? #MAFSAU wanted to see how the others reacted to their relationships too."

It's worth pointing out, unfortunately, as much as we'd love to see 10 hours worth of footage of the MAFS Australia reunion, there's only so many clips of the couples that can be edited into an hour and a half episode.

Thankfully we got to see plenty of the happy couples and closure for some of the others. MAFS Australia season 10, we sure will miss you.

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