MAFS Australia fans are applauding Bronte for this moment

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight Australia might have been one of the most dramatic of this season so far, and now fans are applauding Bronte.

We’re almost at the end of series ten and there have been tears, arguments, cheating and more with our brides and grooms pushed to the absolute limits in their relationships.

Now, it looks like Bronte has decided to to call it quits on her relationship with Harrison last night, and fans are praising her for it on social media.

In case you missed it, Homestay Week saw our couples live with their partners in their homes as a last test of their relationship before they say their final vows.

During the week, Harrison and Bronte came to blows after her sister, Kirra, brutally called him out on some of his actions. Then, during last night's episode at the final dinner party, Bronte decided to call time on their relationship and fans are here for it on Twitter.

"YES BRONTE!!!!" wrote one MAFS fan. "It’s [taken] her way too long but THANK YOU BRONTE!!!" shared another.

"The spirit of Brontë’s sister lived in that dress and made Brontë finish things once and for all," wrote another fan of the series. "The one thing missing from Brontë walking out, was a standing ovation from the others," shared another.

Next week, we will see the brides and grooms take their final vows, so stay tuned for even more drama.

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4.

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