Mady Dewey’s 4 Tips for Walking More In 2024

Mady Dewey.<p>Mireya Acierto/Getty Images</p>
Mady Dewey.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

If one of your goals for 2024 involves incorporating more movement into your day, 2022 Swim Search winner Mady Dewey is here to help.

The model and content creator recently offered up a few ways to stick with your regularly scheduled hot girl walk, which were shared in a joint Instagram post with the official The Swimfluence Network account and her own.

Dewey’s tips are as follows:

  1. “Create five ‘loops’ and know how long they take you. I have a 10 minute loop, a 30, 45, 60 and 90,” she wrote. “Makes it easy to squeeze it in no matter your schedule.”

  2. “Ask a friend for a walking catch up and set a cadence,” Dewey advised. “My friend Max and I walk every week together after work.”

  3. “Habit stack: call a friend, ideate for work, listen to a podcast,” she noted.

  4. “Change your mindset: any movement is good movement,” Dewey concluded.

The suggestions clearly resonated with followers, as several people chimed in to the comments section with feedback.

“Yes, when something is integrated into our day, that is the best way,” one person noted. “Little steps matter. Love this. ❤️❤️🥰.”

“This is great advice because - if you’re able to do it , of course - walking takes no special equipment and is something that the majority of us do daily,” someone else added. “It’s easy to integrate into a routine so that a habit forms.”

Last summer, Dewey told us that her daily walk is an essential part of her wellness routine, so it’s clear that she practices what she preaches.

“Even if it’s 10 minutes before I’m going to log on to the computer and just going for a little walk, that feels great,” she said.

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