Madonna, in leather and fishnets, shares series of bare-breasted photos to mixed reviews: 'What are you doing?'

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Say what you want about Madonna, but at 63, she continues to show the world that sexy has no age limit.

On Wednesday, the material girl gave her fans a subtle throwback to her 1992 photo book, Sex, with a risqué, in-bed photoshoot in what appears to be leather lingerie, fishnets and a diamond cross necklace.

“Angel watching over me,” she wrote alongside a carousel of pics showing off her long blonde locks and her various poses on (and under) the bed, a cherub figure hanging on the wall above her.

Though Madonna is known for posting racy material on her Instagram, fans have been particularly quick to jump on this one with a range of comments.

“Is the nipple really necessary?” one fan wrote, while another gave a more positive review: “She serves. I REPEAT SHE F*****G SERVES.”

“What an AMAZING body. You look beautiful girl! The jealous, catty bitches are gonna go CRAZY,” one supporter shared.

“I recognize her attitude she's showing that she isn't slowing down. Age is what u make it,” another added, with someone chiming in, “Seriously convinced she is a vampire! She doesn’t age.”

"Very beautiful lady always n forever an amazing sexy body," another wrote.

The post is the latest in a series of headline-making statements this month. Earlier this week, the singer faced backlash for a whole host of allegations, from exploiting artists for free labor and culturally appropriating braids to what some have called an attempt to glorify domestic violence.

While sharing a thank you post on Instagram to show appreciation towards those who helped with the creative work for her collaboration with V Magazine, she shared photos of herself in cornrows as she stands alongside photographer Steven Klein.

“Proud of my collaboration with @stevenkleinstudio For @vmagazine and knowing that against all odds and with very little support from non-artistic people who kept pushing back and the fact that we did it with almost zero budget, we were still able to make ART!” she wrote. “Art is not dead if you have the strength to fight for what you believe in!!”

She continued: “Thanks to all who did support us and slept on couches and worked long hours and for free all to support madame ❌ who is not only here to disturb the peace but to keep art alive I send you all a BIG kiss.”

It didn’t take long for people to call her out for seeming exploitation: “This image does more to damage and degrade and glorify violence towards women than celebrate art,” one commenter said.

“So tired of creatives and those who carry the arts on their backs being asked to do work for nothing but exposure or to add to their body work,” another added. “What the hell, Madge?”

In her interview with V Magazine, she spoke directly about cancel culture, saying that “no one’s allowed to speak their mind right now” out of fear of being cancelled.

“I believe that our job [as artists] is to disturb the status quo,” she said. “The censoring that's going on in the world right now, that's pretty frightening. No one's allowed to speak their mind right now. No one's allowed to say what they really think about things for fear of being canceled, cancel culture. In cancel culture, disturbing the peace is probably an act of treason."

"The thing is the quieter you get, the more fearful you get, the more dangerous anything is," she added. "We're giving it power by shutting the f**k up completely."

"I don't even think about my age, to tell you the truth. I just keep going," she said of embracing her age. "Even when I performed almost my entire tour in agony, I had no cartilage left in my right hip, and everyone kept saying, 'You gotta stop, you gotta stop.' I said, 'I will not stop. I will go until the wheels fall off.'"

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