Madonna once warned Mel C over 'permanence' of tattoos

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Mel C has revealed Madonna once issued her a subtle warning over getting tattoos.

In an interview with to promote her upcoming memoir, Who I Am, the singer revealed that she "goes through phases" of wishing she doesn't have any of her body inkings - which include a band design on her upper arm, a Celtic cross, and a dragon motif on her right leg.

Mel also recalled asking Madonna why she didn't have any body art at a dinner at the height of her Spice Girls days.

"Too permanent," she recalled the Queen of Pop telling her at the time.

But while Mel isn't always enamoured by all of her distinctive tattoos, she admitted that she won't stop her 13-year-old daughter Scarlet from getting body art when she's an adult.

"She's at that stage where there are so many things I advise her about but she pretends not to listen. But on this? Well, I haven't got a leg to stand on, have I? No, I haven't gotten a tattooed leg to stand on," the 48-year-old laughed.

Who I Am is set to be released on 15 September.