Madison Beer singing 'Reckless' live is all you need to hear today

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Since it came out a few weeks ago, we've pretty much had Madison Beer's new song 'Reckless' on repeat, and we'll probably be keeping it that way for the next month or two (at least). So, when Madison stopped by to play a game of Top Of The Props with Cosmopolitan UK we were pretty excited to hear her sing Reckless live, along with some Rihanna, mxmtoon and Queen. Your eardrums will thank you for this.

During the game Madison was given various different props and had to think of a song prompted by each item and give us the artist, title and sing a little bit of it. If that didn't already sound tricky she only got 15 seconds per prop to do all of this and win the point.

Luckily for Madison, her music knowledge is quite something and she scored an impressive 7/8, while also mesmerising us with her unreal voice - to the point we were nearly convinced to just give her the extra point. Nearly.

She also gave us a little insight into the filming of her 'Reckless' music video, which is turns out involved a very tiny car and a very massive book.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - YouTube
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - YouTube

After pulling out the toy car from the bag of props Madison revealed that something similar was used in the song's music video.

"I think something funny that I haven't really mentioned to many people about the music video is you would think that objects that a human being could actually fit inside of - like a car - we would have shot in a real car, but because the whole video was kind of this miniature world we actually shot a lot with a toy car... and the book that we shot on was actually a 9ft by 20ft gigantic real-life huge book."

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Madison also sung 'Prom Queen' by mxmtoon after she pulled a tiara out of the props bag, and our ear drums have never been happier.

The only question now is how to have 'Reckless' and this on repeat without it sounding like a bad mash-up? Guess we'll have to alternate.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - YouTube
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK - YouTube

Madison single 'Reckless' is out now and you can listen here. Tickets for her 2021/22 tour The Life Support Tour are available here.

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