Made in Chelsea star in hospital dash with baby girl after 'awful day'

Nicola had to take Penelope to A&E
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/Nicola Hughes)

Made In Chelsea star Nicola Hughes has told fans of her "awful" trip to A&E with her one year old daughter, Penelope.

The TV personality, who shares baby Penelope with her husband Charlie Tupper, moved to Spain last year, where she's been enjoying the sunny weather.

However, on Friday, May 24, she took to Instagram to share details of her first experience of visiting hospital with her little one.

Sharing a snap of Penelope being cradled by Charlie, Nicola said: "First trip to Spanish A&E. Awful day to say the least. She's on the mend thankfully."

Nicola previously revealed that her daughter had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a condition that causes the joint of the hip to not form properly.

Nicola assured fans that Penelope is on the mend
Nicola assured fans that Penelope is on the mend -Credit:Instagram/@nicolamhughes

The podcast host posted a series of images to her grid, including the front entrance of Temple Street children's hospital, and black and white shots of Penelope with a harness fitted, one of which shows her wearing socks that read: “Best Dad Ever.”

She also shared two videos of her young daughter within the carousel.

The first was of the youngster wearing the new harness, and in the background Nicola can be heard gently reassuring her child.

“It’s OK, it’s alright baby,” she said. The second showed Penelope sitting on her dad’s knee as he fed his daughter.

The reality star accompanied the post with an emotional caption, expressing how hard it’s been watching her baby in pain.

She also used the hashtags #hipdysplasia and #hipdysplasiaawareness in a bid to help other parents who may have children with the same condition.

Charlie Tupper with Penelope
Charlie Tupper with Penelope -Credit:Nicola Hughes/Instagram

“This past week has been a really hard one, Penelope has hip dysplasia and yesterday we found out whether or not she needed surgery,” she wrote.

“Watching her struggle since having her harness fitted has been heartbreaking. I know we’re lucky we’ve caught it early but it doesn’t change the pain of seeing your baby cry when she can’t move her body.”

The new mum continued: “Normal movements for her such as arching her back or straightening her legs aren’t an option at the moment. It’s impossible to prepare yourself for the love you’ll feel for your baby and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“The sleep deprivation is nothing in comparison to what you’d sacrifice for them,” she concluded.

In happier news, Nicola gave her Instagram followers a glimpse inside Penelope’s beautiful christening that took place in Dublin back in March.

To celebrate the occasion, Nicola shared a series of adorable black and white snaps from the day.