Mabel wishes the 'big stars' in her DMs just wanted to collaborate

Mabel is keen to collaborate credit:Bang Showbiz
Mabel is keen to collaborate credit:Bang Showbiz

Mabel wishes "big stars" slid into her DMs for collaborations instead of dates.

The 'Good Luck' hitmaker has revealed plenty of A-List stars in the US have been getting in touch on Instagram but they've been more flirty than professional.

She told Capital Radio: "I have had some DMs from big stars. There are DMS in the DM place, but sadly they are not always like, 'Would you like to collab?'

"I'm always like, 'Let's make a record bro', and they're like, 'Yeah you didn't read the room.'

"I always do the 'bruh' or the 'bro' or just the fist bump [emoji] or 'mate' but Americans don't understand that."

Although the 26-year-old star is interested in collaborations, she won't be teaming up with her fellow singer mum Neneh Cherry on any future tracks.

She explained: "I am so proud of what she has accomplished. But for me I was like, 'I want to prove I can do my own thing'.

"So we've kempt it very separate and done very few things together."

Meanwhile, Mabel admitted she and her mum do share a space for their respective awards, and they decided on the bathroom to keep things "humble" while ensuring everyone will have to see them at some point.

She added: ""We put them in the bathroom because it's humble. It's not in your face but also everybody's got to go to the toilet at some point.

"My mum has her BRITs and some other stuff in the toilet."

Mabel - whose debut album 'High Expectations' came out in the summer of 2019 - previously promised her best music is "yet to come".

Back in 2020, the star - who has since released hits like 'Let Them Know' and 'Time After Time' - said: "There's some cool stuff coming, I'm excited. My best work is yet to come."