Maajid Nawaz epically blasts Meghan Markle's 'distasteful' dad

Staff writer

Maajid Nawaz responded on LBC to comments made by Thomas Markle about his daughter.

In an interview with Channel 5, Thomas Markle criticised his daughter for "cheapening the crown" and "making it shabby".

Nawaz responded to Meghan's father by saying: "How much more chavvy could you be to be paid by a lesser known TV channel to go out and criticise your own daughter, your own flesh and blood, in front of a global audience?"

"How much more Walmart could you get than to be a father that turns against his own daughter in public, no matter what she's done?"

"I'm a father. I know how difficult it can be sometimes. I have an 18 year old son.

Nawaz continued: "You don't go out and take money to dis your own children in public no matter what they've done, short of them being serial killers or something, come off it, man.

"You're talking about cheap? I'll tell you what's cheap. It's cheap to be paid by Channel Five to go out and criticise your own flesh and blood, your daughter.

"I'll tell you what's chavvy, it's chavvy to take money to turn against your family in public like this for a reality TV style Donald Trump style performance before the nation and the world."

"But isn't it the job of a father to nurture and care for his children? Isn't it the job of a father to stand by them during difficult times? And not to put them down in public no matter what they've done?

"Listen, I speak as somebody who has been through the wars, there's no question excuse for going onto television and putting your own children down like that.

"Imagine how difficult it would be, psychologically, for a child to see their parents turn on them in this way in public."

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