M&S Snow Globe Gin Liqueur Christmas tree baubles are available now

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Photo credit: M&S
Photo credit: M&S

From Cosmopolitan

Coming in sets of three, M&S' Snow Globe Clementine Gin Liqueur are now available as Christmas tree baubles!

The mesmerising liqueur is filled with sparkling 23-carat edible gold leaf and makes for perfect decorations when shrunk down into miniature. Shaped just like the beautiful bottles, each bauble has a little cork and a simple gold cord to suspend it from the tree's branches.

The gorgeous Snow Globe Clementine Gin Liqueur was so popular last year that customers were queuing for it as it got re-stocked. This year the supermarket has made it even more magical by adding an LED light in the base to illuminate the beautiful scenes on the bottles. Plus it has expanded into a second flavour, Rhubarb.

Photo credit: M&S/ Kris Kirkham Photography Ltd
Photo credit: M&S/ Kris Kirkham Photography Ltd

And now, if that wasn't exciting enough fans are now able to get their hands on these gorgeous tree decorations!

They're a fun addition to any tree and a sweet gift for the gin lovers in your life.

Each bauble contains a double measure of the popular gin liqueur with its festive clementine flavour, but they're so pretty you may not want to drink them at all!

Gin liqueur mini snow globe baubles are available in M&S stores now and online at Ocado.

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