I’m a psychologist — here’s what your favorite doughnut says about you

A group of assorted donuts of various flavors, some with sprinkles
You are the kind of doughnut you eat, according to an expert analyst.

Fry this one on for size.

The kind of doughnut you’re most likely to eat says a whole lot about your personality, experts claim.

Compare the Market, a price comparison website based in the U.K., asked thousands of doughnut lovers to select their favorite type, passing along their findings to psychologist Jo Hemmings, who revealed the personality secrets behind each of the choices.

Glazed donuts are the province of the traditionalist and homebody, according to the pro. styxclick –
Glazed donuts are the province of the traditionalist and homebody, according to the pro. styxclick –

“The relationship that we have with food and emotions, while unique to us all and influenced by a number of factors including personal experience, culture, individual preferences and social behavior, can show distinct patterns of personality types,” Hemmings told South West News Service.

“When it comes to sweet food, whether we see it as an occasional treat or an everyday must, our personality traits are reflected not just in the taste of the food, but the appearance, the smell and that first bite melt-in-the mouth moment,” she continued.

According to Hemmings, those of us who opt for a classic glazed are traditionalists — we are also homebodies that prefer staying in over going out.

Sociable types among us will reach for a chocolate doughnut — this is a giveaway that we’re always seeking out happiness and fun activities with others, Hemmings surmised.

Do you like custard-filled? You’re usually a little more guarded or reserved, but you’ve got a kind heart — kinder than any of the other personality types, according to the pro.

“Our preferences are also shaped by our childhood experiences — where sweet food was often a treat or associated with birthday parties and other social events,” she said.

“So those that like the more playful doughnuts, like sprinkles or a full, non-ring doughnut, often are the most playful of all, even in adulthood,” Hemmings explained.

Besides being young at heart, sprinkle-lovers are also generous with their spirit, time, and money, she said.

The most popular choice of the thousands surveyed was a classic, jam-filled doughnut, with 51% of users calling it their favorite.

Next up was custard-filled (35%) and chocolate (22%).

Most people are likely to pick up their favorites from their local supermarket (68%) or a local bakery (43%).

A survey of thousands looked at the most popular doughnut choices — glazed did not make the top three. arinahabich –
A survey of thousands looked at the most popular doughnut choices — glazed did not make the top three. arinahabich –

And they’re not stuck in a style rut, either — 36% said they would try something unique or different than what they normally ordered, if it caught their eye.

“The more reserved among us tend to stick to the enduringly popular choices of a glazed, jam or ring doughnut, Hemmings said.

“These personality types generally enjoy being organized and having their work-life balance well under control. They are often the more practical ones compared to their playful, party loving friends,” she continued.

But no matter which doughnut you like best, liking doughnuts at all means you’re a pretty fun person to begin with, Hemmings insisted.

“All these personalities with their different and distinctive qualities — from loyalty and patience, to party loving and open to new experiences, interact well together in a social group, accounting for the popularity of mixed selection boxes of doughnuts where everyone can have their first choice,” she said.

What your doughnut choice says about you, according to a psychiatrist

Classic glazed

You are a traditionalist. You know what you like in life and have an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude. A little cautious by nature, you are also modest and self-disciplined. You rank highly on the empathy scale, as you can always see life from someone else’s perspective. You’re sincere and authentic, preferring more often than not to relax in your own company than at a social occasion, as you enjoy your personal space. And you’re a patient and loyal person, always ready to listen to other people’s concerns.


You recognize that life is too short, and everyone should enjoy an indulgence. So, to combine two of your favorite things, chocolate and a doughnut is bliss. You are always up for a party and will have a wide circle of friends who know that you’re fun to be around.

Jam filled

While you might live in the present, you have a lot of fond memories of childhood and growing up. You’re logical and reliable and people always know where they stand with you. You may be the organizer in your social circle, as you have great balance in life and have a knack of being able to please most people, most of the time.

Custard filled

You can be quite a passionate, sometimes fiery person on the outside, but you are very kind and warm-hearted. You are a sociable person, who is always cheerful, even when life doesn’t go your way – you’re friendly, trustworthy and empathetic.


A child at heart, you are adventurous, innovative and a lot of fun to be around. You’re a generous person – both in spirit and sharing money and experiences with others – as well as being confident and charismatic. Open-minded, you are a person who can improve anyone’s mood in a very short space of time.

Iced doughnut

You love that soft crunch of icing on a doughnut. You’re genuine and kind-hearted and know that playing hard is just as important as working hard. You’re a diplomatic person, who is able to navigate their way through problems in life with good cheer and optimism.

Full doughnut

You are adventurous and full of good humor. Determined and trustworthy, you tend to be unflappable in a crisis. Considerate of others, you make a good friend and partner. Life doesn’t seem to be that surprising to you or your resilience, so you take hurdles in your stride, knowing that it will all turn out fine in the end.