I’m a nail expert and I would never offer these 3 common services in my salon — here’s why


She got some tips — and they’re not acrylic.

A nail tech is highlighting three services she’d never offer at her nail salon after she learned how dangerous they were in nail school.

Her video, posted last month has since garnered 1.3 million views on TikTok. The W Nail Bar where she works has several locations in Ohio and Indiana.

Amanda said she’d never use basins with jets, do acrylic nails or use a cheese grater on her foot. TikTok/thewnailbar
Amanda said she’d never use basins with jets, do acrylic nails or use a cheese grater on her foot. TikTok/thewnailbar

Amanda, who goes by @thewnailbar on the app, said in a video that the first thing she would avoid as a customer and in her salon is the use of a jacuzzi pedicure basin because they can give people infections.

“When I was in nail school, we were taught how your chances of getting [a] staph [infection], MRSA, athlete’s foot or other infection go through the roof if the jetted tubs are not cleaned properly,” she explained.

“They have to honestly sit and run in hospital-grade disinfectant for 10 minutes.”

She said she’d never been in a nail salon in her whole life where she saw the employees running the basin for 10 minutes. She said The W Nail Bar uses copper pots instead.

The second thing she avoids is acrylics for her clients because they can make you sick — and she can attest.

“The first day I started to train on acrylic nails I got so sick my eyes swelled shut. I couldn’t breathe,” she explained.

“I knew that was never gonna be something we offered,” she said.

The third thing she would never let anyone do to her is that she would never let anyone use a rasp (AKA a grater) on the bottom of her foot.

“Because cheese graters are for cheese and the Parmigiano,” she joked, adding that they can “take off too much of your skin.”

The Post reached out to Amanda at W Nail Bar for additional comment.

Several commenters below Amanda’s video thanked her for her advice and said they had negative experiences themselves.

“I got a fungus not long after getting a pedicure. Antifungals didn’t work, I eventually had to have both of my big toenails removed…. liners mean nothing if they don’t actually clean the whole tub….,” one person explained.

“I can’t believe people still get acrylic nails,” another said.

“A nail tech cut my foot with one of those graters and then used NAIL GLUE to seal the wound without my consent,” a third whined.