M&S has launched the most delicious caramelised white chocolate bar

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Caramac and Caramilk are so, so good. What is it about caramelised white chocolate that is just so delicious? It might just be the best type of chocolate out there. Sorry milk, white and dark, we still love you.

Marks And Spencer has just announced that it is releasing a delicious-looking Golden Blond Chocolate bar, and we cannot wait to try it!

The new bar can be used for baking and decorating or simply enjoyed straight out of the wrapper. We can’t see this not getting eaten as soon as we get out of the M&S store!

Photo credit: M&S
Photo credit: M&S

So, what actually is golden blond chocolate and how did it come about?

M&S says; "Golden blond chocolate, also sometimes called caramelised chocolate or toasted white chocolate, is a relatively recent addition to the chocolate spectrum and is made by roasting chips of white chocolate until it undergoes the ‘Maillard reaction’, which gives it a beautiful coffee colour and a yummy caramel-like flavour. It’s so new that it wasn’t discovered until 2012 by chocolatiers in the south of France, completely by accident!"

There you go – you learn something new every day.

It really does look like caramelised white chocolate is going to be big this year, especially after the success of M&S’s Extra Thick Blonde & White Easter Egg, which went down a storm. Plus, of course, Cadbury’s Caramilk coming over from Australia to take residency in the UK in the next week or so.

You can pick up a 100g bar of M&S’s Golden Blond Chocolate for just £1.

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