M&S Just Launched Percy Pig Potato Shapes And We're Not Screaming, You Are

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M&S Just Launched Percy Pig Potato Shapes And We're Not Screaming, You Are

The Percy Pig empire is expanding once again. Yes! The iconic face of Marks and Spencer has added yet another string to his bow with... (wait for it) Percy Pig Potato Shapes.

Similar to a potato smiley face, this cheeky chappy is in the friendly shape of a Percy Pig.

We can't lie, we're mildly obsessed with how cute these potato shapes are. And not only that, they're vegan and gluten free! Right now, these potato treats are ticking all our boxes.

A bag of Percy Pig Potato Shapes will set you back just £2, making them the perfect child-friendly and purse-appropriate alternative to boring boiled potatoes. And let's face it, it's not just the kids that'll obsess over these piggies, but us adults will too.

The fluffy potatoes are lightly fried and shaped into the adorable Percy Pig face bringing a farmyard of fun to teatime.

It’s hard to imagine a time when there was only one Percy, before he met Penny and the rest of the farm. Just when we think that we’ve seen all that Percy can offer, a new product trots into the supermarket. Hats off to the M&S Food Department!

If you had to pick a favourite what would it be? The Percy bouquet or the Percy Swiss roll? We can’t decide, but if we were giving the prize based on inventiveness, then this TikToker definitely takes the bacon...

A Percy Pig McFlurry hack, McDonalds and M&S should get on this!

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