M&S Has Just Launched A Chocolate Truffle Sauce And We’ve Never Been More In Love

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Chocolate spread/sauce is so good, sometimes we’re sure it must have been whipped up by angels in the Kingdom of Heaven. The likes of Nutella or this Milky Way Spread are so delicious and versatile, we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of spreading it, baking with it, or simply spooning it into our greedy gobs.

And the latest chocolate sauce that’s got us dreaming of taking a bath in it, is Marks And Spencer’s Belgian Chocolate Truffle Sauce.

This outrageously decadent chocolate sauce is made with 40% Fairtrade Belgian chocolate and is super-versatile. It would be great drizzled on ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or even fruit (that way it’s healthy, innit?).

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You can pick up M&S’s Belgian Chocolate Truffle Sauce for £3.30.

If peanut butter is more your jam (literally), you may be more interested in these new peanut butter and jelly jars from Aldi.

These Grandessa peanut butter and jelly jars come in two flavours: strawberry jam and raspberry jam.

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And the best thing about it is, you only have to use one knife to spread it, because – if you’re anything like us – you can’t be cross contaminating your peanut butter jar and your jam jar by using the same knife for both.

But wait… there’s more! There’s also a chocolate and peanut butter version as well as a banana and peanut butter jar on offer. How good does that sound?!

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