‘I’m just a f***ing hustler’: Rick Ross denies he is a hoarder after viral video shows cluttered home

Rick Ross attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater (Getty Images for BET)
Rick Ross attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater (Getty Images for BET)

Rick Ross has defended his large collection of belongings after a viral video showed his mansion cluttered with various things.

The rapper shared a video on his Instagram of hundreds of items of clothing and shoes laid out on the floor of his home and said he was trying to “organise some of this s***”.

In the video, he said: “I got this s*** spilling out every goddamn way. Should I have a damn yard sale?”

Pre-empting his fans’ response to the sheer amount of belongings he has, Ross added: “This ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss s*** going on.”

The video was re-shared by hip hop magazine XXL’s Twitter account with the caption: “Rick Ross wants to know if he should have a yard sale for his excess clothes and shoes.”

The video sparked concern among fans, some of whom said Ross was “hoarding” by keeping an “overly excessive” number of clothes and shoes.

“This is hoarding because you DON’T need that many shoes or clothes,” one person wrote. “Doesn’t matter that they’re expensive, it’s still overly excessive. I too am guilty of this, but mine don’t cost [sic] one-third of what you spend and nowhere near close to how much you have.”

But Ross has denied he is a hoarder in a second video posted on Tuesday (8 November) and insisted that his collection of things were “national treasures”.

In another Instagram video, he questioned the definition of a hoarder and said: “They say hoarders keep things and find excuses for it – no it’s not, these are things of value. They are value. But now I have to make more space.”

Ross pondered if “having 150-plus automobiles” could be considered hoarding or simply a dilemma of being rich. He added that hoarding would mean all his belongings would be piled up in his home.

“That’s when it’s hoarding: when it’s filling all the way up the steps and it’s blocking functional space. Functional! Meaning if it was doing all the way up both sides of those staircases, that’s when it would be hoarding. Until then I’m just a f***ing hustler, man,” he said.

“To me, it’s national treasures. Once I won it, it becomes a national treasure,” he declared.