I'm a Flat-Shoe Fanatic, and I Always Dream of Owning a Pair From This Brand

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As a child I was fascinated by the grown-up glamour of the high heel, and like coffee or spicy food, I always assumed it was just something you learned to love as you got older. But, no matter how hard I tried as a teen and early twenty-something, I could never get on board (aside from the odd concession to a heeled boot). Instead, I have always been inexorably drawn towards flats: The polished appeal of a loafer, the nonchalant, cool-girl stylings of a brogue and even the odd nod to the noughties ballet pump. Within this realm of smart flats, I always considered Church's to be the creme de la creme.

While I've seen plenty of appealing iterations over the years, they've never quite surpassed the timeless beauty of a Church's shoe. I have always felt like menswear can often, by default, feel more premium because it focuses on simple silhouettes and classic fits, and I believe this is what has drawn me back to Church's time and time again: a sort of unfussy, straight-forward chicness. While the odd deviation comes in the form of the brand's studded styles, such as the Pembrey loafer, it remains one of my favourite iterations on-site right now. Yes, it has that additional detailing, but it's not at the cost of versatility.

You'll see me wearing loafers with everything from tailored trousers and jeans, to dresses and shorts all year round. If you invest in a pair that is well-made, they will last you for many years to come, and in all honesty, it's probably one of the few things I would spend money on to guarantee that longevity. It also seems as though I am not alone in my love of the brand, and I keep spotting countless cool-girls on social media rocking their Church's flats with stripped-back separates. It's serious style kudos without the need for flashy logos.

While the studded loafer is at the top of my dream wishlist, I also have my eye on the Kelsey fisherman sandal, which would look achingly chic with straight leg jeans and a Breton top for Coco Chanel-inspired style. But, whatever your preference, there's sure to be a shoe for you. Scroll down to see and shop my edit of the best Church's flats to love now and forever. This is an investment you won't regret


Church's Pembrey met.w Polished Fumè Loafer Stud Black (£750)

Church's Pembrey 2w Polished Fumè Loafer Tabac (£650)

Church's Staden W Polished Binder Loafer Black (£690)

Church's Tamaryn 2 Polished Fumè Brogue Loafer Tabac (£720)

Church's Kara 2 Prestige Calf Penny Loafer Natural (£620)

Church's Kingsley W Polished Fumè Tassel Loafer Tobacco/Brown (£730)


Church's Burwood Wg Polished Fumè Oxford Brogue Tabac (£690)

Church's Burwood Met. Polished Binder Oxford Brogue Stud Black (£850)

Church's Lana R Polished Fumè Monk Brogue Tabac (£720)

Church's Shannon Met Polished Binder Derby Black (£790)

Church's Shannon 2 Wr Polished Binder Derby Sandalwood (£650)

Church's Shannon Charm 2 Polished Binder Derby Charm Black (£530)


Church's Kelsey Met Calf Leather Sandal Stud Black (£750)

Church's Dee Dee Calf Leather Slip on Sandal Oak (£490)

Church's Rhonda Met Bookbinder Fumè Sandal Stud Tabac (£690)

Church's Kelsey Prestige Calf Leather Sandal White (£690)

Church's Rhonda Calf Leather Sandal Black (£650)

Church's Kelsey Prestige Calf Leather Sandal Natural (£690)

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