M&S' After Dinner Mint Chocolates come in a box that turns into a mini table for easy access

Elena Chabo
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Photo credit: M&S
Photo credit: M&S

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M&S new After Dinner Mint Chocolates have caused a real stir on Instagram, in the posts first 15 hours it had wracked up more likes than Percy Ice Cream, Colin the Caterpillar Faces and even the Snow Globe and Glitter Globe Gin Liqueurs.

But why is everyone going crazy for the minty collection? Yes they look tasty, but the main excitement comes from the ingenious box.

The M&S team wrote in the caption: "MIND-BLOWING new product alert 🤯 We don't want to get you too excited on a Monday, but guys...not only do our After Dinner Mint Chocolates* taste absolutely divine, the box itself TURNS INTO A MINI TABLE."

Continuing: "No more leaning down to choose your next choc (you're welcome). Pick one up in stores now, and thank us later! 🍃🍫"

The team then followed up with the clarification: "*Don't be fooled by the name, these chocs can and SHOULD be eaten at any time of the day 😉"

The chocolates are a mix of white, milk and dark minty chocolates and cost £12 in M&S stores and online at Ocado.

They're perfect to pop in the middle of the table after dinner, far easier for everyone to reach. but they're also great for that added lift on the coffee table so you don't lose your comfy spot on the sofa.

M&S After Dinner Mint Chocolate Collection is available now in M&S stores and online at Ocado, £12.

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