I’m A Celeb's Myles Stephenson issues update on son’s heartbreaking disability after he had a stroke

I’m A Celeb's Myles Stephenson issues update on son’s heartbreaking disability after he had a stroke

I’m A Celeb star and X Factor winner Myles Stephenson has shared an update with his fans about the health of his young son, Shiloh.

The two year old suffers from Hemiplegic cerebral palsy, and last year Myles revealed that his little boy had had an unseen stroke which had irreversibly damaged his brain.

Myles took to social media late on Thursday 4 July to deliver an update on Shiloh’s progress, and sadly the news was upsetting, and Myles’s emotion was visible in his post.

His son’s right side is now partially paralysed, meaning he has to wear splints to support his legs and body.

Myles Stephenson
Myles in hospital with son Shiloh -Credit:mylesraksu/Instagram

In the video, Myles said: “Shiloh started with the ankle-high splint, which didn’t do its job. We then upgraded to the knee-high splint hoping that his heel would be able to plant with the knee-high splint, but that has also failed.”

"The next phase is botox injections to relax the muscles in his leg, in the hope that it does do its job. The range of movement is lessening, so where we was at last phase, there is less range and less movement in his legs, which is a tough one to take, man. I really sat and processed it about 20 minutes ago, emotionally it's tough for me.”

In the post, Myles appealed for any advice from his followers about the condition. “If anybody has any tricks, tips, any input whatsoever that is going to be beneficial to me and my family then please comment, your comment don’t go unseen and it helps me research more in this whole new unknown, unwalked territory that we’re going into.”

Myles Stephenson
Myles asked his followers for advice on Shiloh's condition -Credit:mylesraksu/instagram

He added: “And to the people who haven’t got to this phase yet but may do, process it, take it in, and as I always say, keep on fighting the fight, let your emotions out, share them with your partner, share them with your family, and keep a smile on your face.”

Myles, who performs in the band Rak-Su that won The X Factor in 2017, first noticed a sign all was not well with Shiloh when his son was just six months old. He and his partner Keli Hall saw that Shiloh’s right hand was balled into a fist and wasn’t being used properly.

They later noticed he was dragging his right foot, and their doctor immediately referred Shiloh for more investigations. Following an MRI, Myles and his partner were told their son had damage on the left side of his brain and had experienced a stroke, either during or shortly after his birth.