This M&S Caramilk Advent Calendar Has Got Us All Riled Up For Christmas

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Photo credit: @newfoodsuk
Photo credit: @newfoodsuk

Is it just us, or is this chilly weather making us feel like Christmas is just around the corner? So, we’re allowed to start getting excited about festive food and drink, right?

And one of our favourite festive foods has to be the mighty advent calendar.

There are so many advent calendars on the market these days: beer advent calendars, Kinder Bueno advent calendars, mochi advent calendar, and even a Colin The caterpillar advent calendar.

Speaking of Marks And Spencer advent calendars, the latest one to get us all riled up is this Caramilk-inspired one.

M&S has released a golden blond chocolate advent calendar, and not only does it sound delicious, it looks so darn cute too.

The advent calendar features a sweet winter scene cartoon and is stuffed full of golden blond chocolate truffles and bars.

You can pick one of these up for £10.

We’re not surprised to see M&S launch a Caramilk-inspired advent calendar, as the store has been going all guns blazing with its golden blond chocolate range recently.

Another addition to the range is a Caramilk flavoured milkshake that looks absolutely dreamy.

And as well as this milkshake, M&S also recently released a Caramilk flavoured cream liqueur. So, basically a grown-up version of the milkshake.

This poured over ice is the stuff of Christmas dreams, right? But do we really have to wait until December to get stuck in?

If these drinks aren’t enough for you, you can also get the stuff in spread form too... A-huh, we're talking about a Caramilk inspired chocolate spread that you can slather on your toast, stir into your porridge or smother on your pancakes. Insane, right?

Bravo, M&S. Bravo.

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