Lydia West loves to 'embrace' her natural features

Lydia West on embracing natural looks credit:Bang Showbiz
Lydia West on embracing natural looks credit:Bang Showbiz

Lydia West loves to "embrace" her natural features.

The 29-year-old actress explained that while she used to use make-up as a way to "change her identity", these days she prefers to highlight what she already has and believes that "general health" can benefit her skin.

She said: "It’s changed quite a bit: I used to cover up my face as a way to almost change identity, but now I embrace natural features and I love that in beauty now; I like highlighting freckles and seeing real skin that’s dewy and fresh. Beyond make-up, I believe general health and wellbeing helps the skin and then I use make-up to highlight what I already have."

However, the 'It's a Sin' actress went on to add that while in her day-to-day life she likes to have a "fresh, natural" look, for red carpets she likes to "have fun" and tends to match her make-up to her outfit.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar ahead of the Women of the Year Awards, she said: "In my day-to-day I like a fresh, natural look: a brow, highlighter and blusher. For the longest time I didn’t wear blusher and now I’m like ‘why did I not wear it?!’ – having that natural-looking colour is youthful, fresh and energetic and that’s how I approach beauty now. I like to have fun for an event or red carpet. I match it with the look I’m wearing. So like tonight I have quite a classic dress, so I wanted something more classic while contemporary with my make-up. It’s a smouldery eye but highlighted. But I also like to experiment, especially as I get to work with amazing artists all the time. I play around and trying new things, but I remain true to myself and what I can feel confident and beautiful in."