Luxx Noir London Claps Back At Her Social Media Trolls

Luxx Noir London
Luxx Noir London

Gagged them a bit... for sure.

Luxx Noir London has kept RuPaul's Drag Race fans entertained around the world thanks to her electrifying gigs and hot takes online.

Besides her star power, the queen has also clashed with other Ru girls on X (formerly Twitter) and received a ton of hate from "fans" of the popular franchise.

"You want to just go in there and be yourself and make good TV because you have that in your bones, but you also don't want to want to be dragged through the mud on social media every day," London tells PRIDE.

Although London has definitely felt the wrath of trolls online, she's following RuPaul's advice in everyday life. After all, if they're not paying your bills, pay those b*tches no mind.

"For me, I don't really care if people drag me through the mud on social media. Their tweets don't live on forever in my mind, but the impact that I had on Drag Race will live on forever."

While season of Drag Race season 15 was airing earlier this year, many queens along with London clapped back at haters online.

"I'm not Beyoncé. I don't take the high road. I get down and dirty like the rest of them. If I feel like I have to do that, I'm never doing it because I'm mad — I'm doing it because I know I can. Everybody expects you to be perfect or not to have an opinion. I'm not like that. I have thoughts and I have opinions."

Beyond her catfights with trolls online, London has also had silly beefs with her Drag Race sisters Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Miss Fiercalicious. The shade is all the way real when it comes to these playful feuds.

"It's exciting sometimes! I have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes people need to be shown that you cannot get away with picking fights with everybody. Kindness is definitely something that is missing and we need a lot more of it. While sometimes I'm unkind, do not see what I do as an influence on you — be kind."

To see the full interview with Luxx Noir London, check out the video below.

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