Luxury £1.3million Batman-Style Submarine That Boasts Folding Wings Goes On Sale

A luxury £1.3million Batman-style submarine has gone on sale. The manta ray-shaped Kronos Submarine can accommodate ten passengers and is suitable for commercial, rescue and combat operations. Suffolk and UAE-based Highland Systems say the hybrid vessel “brings a whole new concept into the production of submarines across the world”. The futuristic hydrodynamic design features folding wings for transportation. It also has "an innovative hull design which significantly reduces fuel consumption, increases maximum speed, and provides superior stability.” At nine metres long, the manta ray-shaped submarine can hit 80kph on water and 50kph under the waves. It can reach depths of up to 250 metres and has an air supply that would last for 36 hours. A hybrid propulsion system - diesel and electric - generates 1,200 horsepower, and gives 54 hours travel time. The interior has adaptive lighting, air conditioning and an automated life support system. Plans for the craft also suggest torpedoes could be carried for military applications. The company say the Kronos would be made in the UAE, but a delivery date has not yet been announced.