Lush's very suggestive Valentine's Day collection has landed

The Valentine's Day collection has landed. [Photo: Lush]
The Valentine's Day collection has landed. [Photo: Lush]

Lush’s new Valentine’s Day collection is the bath time equivalent of the winky face emoji and we are here for it.

The cosmetics brand is letting our imaginations run wild with this launch. We’re talking a naked torso shaped massage bar, a peachy bath bomb and not one but two aubergines.

Since we’re on the topic of emojis, we all know where they were going when they re-created a 3D version of the aubergine emoji.

Oh, and it’s not anything to do with Veganuary.

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Lush launches are like our kryptonite and this one in particular has got hilarious novelty gift written all over it.

Whether you’re in a couple or just want to get your BFF something for the big day, this will certainly inject a bit of humour into the proceedings.

And it’s not all abouts the lols, either. The Naked Attraction Bar, £8, for example, has been blended with sensual jasmine for a “seductively soft finish”.

It’s both funny and suggestive, what a treat.

It's cheeky, that's for sure. [Photo: Lush]
It's cheeky, that's for sure. [Photo: Lush]
Check out this sparkly aubergine. [Photo: Lush]
Check out this sparkly aubergine. [Photo: Lush]

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If vaguely sexual references aren’t your thing, there are plenty of products you could fill your bathroom up with that you won’t have to hide if your mother-in-law comes over.

The colourful Love Boat, £4,50 is a bath bomb shaped like, you guessed it, a boat - of love. The sherbet lemon and orange scent will transport you back to the school playground in the best possible way.

Perhaps you’d rather give the Prince Charming shower gel a go? Packed with pomegranate, it will lift your mood if the only Prince Charming you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with is the shower gel.

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The range is already available online and has been in stores since the 3rd January.

We’re still reeling over Lush’s Christmas collection, but they’ve already moved onto spring 2020 with a “fresh” take on the new year.

You can expect to see cool additions from the floating flower bath bomb (the bath bomb sits underneath the water and the flower sits on top) to the ultra-plant facial cleanser.

The cold cream cleanser is an all-rounder which aims to sooth and soften the skin.

And if you love those shower gels that tingle your skin in the mornings, you’ll enjoy Lush’s body conditioner and naked body conditioner.

One comes in a bottle and one comes in a block that you can lather into your morning routine whenever you fancy it.

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