Lush has launched a bubble bar fidget spinner

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From Cosmopolitan UK

If you thought Google was the coolest place to work, you clearly have never been to the Lush Kitchen in Poole.

The Lush Kitchen workers are like bakers, except instead of wrapping questionable amounts of pork in pastry, they are let loose with their imaginations and a whole host of Lush ingredients.

But what I really want to know is, who came up with their latest (and by far greatest) invention so far...

An invention that officially marks the peak of 2017. There is no going back now, we have officially peaked and from this point onwards we will just be jumping the shark, until we can hit refresh again in 2018 and make false juice cleanse promises to ourselves.

I present to you, the Lush Bubble Bar Fidget Spinner.

You want it don't you? You told yourself that you wouldn't get sucked in by the fidget spinner hype because it's just a fad like Pokemon Go and you're cooler than that...but now all you can think about is how much greater your life would be with a Lush fidget spinner in it.

I mean, I'm 30-years-old and I want one.

But, we have some bad news because the fidget spinner to rule them all sold out in ONE HOUR this morning.

One hour, on a Monday morning...these Lush addicts don't play around do they.

But fear not because if their Instagram is anything to go by, it looks like those walking angels in the Lush Kitchen are planning on cooking up a fresh batch.

"So it turns out Bubble Spinner reusable bubble bar was a lot more popular than we expected 😱 our heads are spinning with the overwhelming response! We're currently sold out as this was a limited-edition Kitchen batch, but we can't ignore the love it's been getting so the Bubbles room might be fidgeting around with more soon..."

We'll patiently await the next batch...whilst filling in our Lush Kitchen application obvs.

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