Lush is giving away 100,000 free bath bombs today - here’s how to get one

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A Lush bath bomb (Lush)
A Lush bath bomb (Lush)

Lush is giving away 100,000 free bath bombs to mark World Bath Bomb Day on Wednesday 27 April.

Water babies keen on getting their hands on one of the free fizzy treats should head to their nearest branch of the fragrant cosmetics retailer on Wednesday to pick up their free sample to take home while stocks last.

Shoppers wanting to take their bathing regime to the next level also have the opportunity to book a 30-minute bathing experience in one of three Lush spa locations.

Available for a limited time, branches in Bath’s Union Street, London’s Oxford Street and Liverpool’s Church Street will offer the new self-led Book a Bath treatment which includes a 15-minute consultation, the use of select products tailored to your skin and a soundtrack to lay back and chill out.

Each experience includes a bath bomb, a face mask and cooling eye pads and costs £40.

The ‘Book a Bath’ experience at Lush Spas (Lush)
The ‘Book a Bath’ experience at Lush Spas (Lush)

The company, which operates in 48 countries around the world, said that World Bath Bomb Day aims to encourage people to switch off, take a deep breath and relax.

“Over this challenging and transformational few years we have been inspired by the increase of awareness internationally about the power of incorporating bathing into our wellness routines,” the brand said.

“Bath bombs transform the humble bath tub into a portal to another world; be that one of relaxation, inspiration… or even seduction.

“Whilst confined to our homes, bathrooms have become spaces of sanctuary and solace, and bath bombs create an experience that we’re just not willing to give up as the world turns back on again.”

Other events planned by the retailer include descending upon cities “where stress levels might be high” to dispense free bath bombs to members of the public.

In November 2021, the brand announced that it would close all social media accounts due to concerns about user safety.

The retailer said it would be boycotting social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok until bosses “take action to provide a safer environment for users”.

The business said it had “finally had enough” following allegations by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about the action of social media giants.

Visitors to the brand’s Instagram page are now met with a multi-grid panel reading “Be somewhere else”.