Luke Hemsworth: It's disappointing Westworld was cancelled

Luke Hemsworth is sad about the end of Westworld credit:Bang Showbiz
Luke Hemsworth is sad about the end of Westworld credit:Bang Showbiz

Luke Hemsworth admits it's “disappointing” ‘Westworld’ was cancelled.

The ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ actor is “thankful” for his stint as Ashley Stubbs on the HBO dystopian science-fiction western after and is gutted it won't be back for a fifth season.

The 42-year-old actor told 'Entertainment Tonight': "You hope these things go forever, but everyone's got their own reasons. I'm very thankful for my part in that series and that journey was a big part of my life, but yeah it was disappointing."

Luke learned the show was ending on his recent birthday (05.11.22).

Sharing his reaction, he said: “I was like, ‘F***! Dammit."

However, the ‘Land of Bad’ star insisted the plug getting pulled was “the nature of the world”.

Luke said: "I think the idea right from the start was to go full circle and come back to be about loops, to be about human beings and robots being stuck in that trajectory. Unfortunately, we get cut off, but it's the nature of the world. You can't get depressed about it. You move on and it opens up new doors."

Meanwhile, the ex ‘Neighbours’ star admitted to being jealous of his younger brother, Chris Hemsworth, 39, taking part in extreme endurance tests in his new Disney+ documentary series ‘Limitless’.

Luke said: “I said, 'I wish it was me. It's cool you get to do all these tests and figure yourself against the best of the best. Chris crushes it."

He and their older sibling, Liam Hemsworth, 32, appear on the show but they weren't there to make it any easier for their brother.

Luke said: "We were not there to help. We're brothers. You gotta fight a little to succeed, so we never ever let him know that he's succeeding, which makes him push a little bit harder."

Praising Chris, he added: "Everything in that episode is like, 'Wow, he really is that specimen of a human.'"