How Luke Evans Trained to Get Special Forces Shredded

How Luke Evans Trained to Get Special Forces Shredded

LUKE EVANS IS not exactly shy about his sharing his busy life with the world.

The actor frequently posts updates on social media, whether he's promoting a project or just giving fans a look into his day-to-day doings—and every so often, that means that the general public gets a glimpse of his body of work. More specifically, his body. The 43-year-old Welsh actor has made physique photos into a type of art, sharing both training clips and candid shots that show off all of his hard-earned muscle.

He's doing more than posting thirst traps, however—as an actor, Evans uses his workouts to train his body to fill the needs of whatever his latest role requires. So when he was tasked with taking on the mantle of a Delta Force soldier in the new Apple TV+ series Echo 3, he had much more than just how he'd look in a fit pic to consider when it came to his fitness regimen.

Evans visited the MH crew to share a bit about his training and prep for the role, which was intense. He worked with Delta Force soldiers and Navy SEALs to learn about the intense conditions those types of elite soldiers face. "There's a lot of stuff I thought I knew, which I didn't," he admits.

The show's 10 episode run was a major undertaking to film, and Evans says that he had to maintain his special forces shape for "almost a year." He also admits that at his age, over 40, keeping that level of fitness gets tougher every year. Due to these factors (and the realities of life as a busy actor), Evans trained everywhere he could. "I just signed up to any gym," he told MH in a longer interview about his career and the show. "Gyms in the jungle, gyms in the desert gym, gyms that I made up in a forest, gyms in my home. I kept the physical stamina up by keeping the routine going."

Check out some of the exercises Evans used for these anywhere, anytime workouts to help him stay in special forces shape. They were only part of the plan—but they helped him to look and move the part.

Luke Evans' Echo 3 Workout

Face Pull + Press

3 sets of 10 reps

Crocodile Crawl

20 to 30 feet, forward and back

Suspension Trainer Pushup with Knee Drive

3 sets of 15 reps

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

3 sets of 12 reps

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