Lucy-Jo Hudson witnessed partner cough up blood during Covid-19 battle

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Lucy-Jo Hudson was forced to call an ambulance after her partner Lewis Devine started coughing up blood during his fight with Covid-19.

The Hollyoaks actress, 38, and Lewis, 32, opened up about their difficult year and terrifying battles with coronavirus in an interview with OK! magazine and revealed that Lewis' symptoms got so scary she called paramedics to their home.

"We did get the ambulance out at that point, but they told us he was OK and it wasn't severe," she said, while he added, "I had it for about two weeks and then I spent a week recovering from it."

Both Lucy-Jo and Lewis have battled the virus and she feels that they took longer to recover from the initial infection than normal because they also had to look after their newborn son Carter Ray, who was born in February last year, and couldn't get help from their families due to government restrictions.

"I think it took longer for us to get over it because we had Carter. Our families desperately wanted to help, but they couldn't," she shared. "Family, friends and neighbours would drop off Lucozade and food and milk, but it was so tough. You have this new baby who wants to be cuddled and fed and you're up at night with them while feeling awful.

"I can't complain because we've been so lucky compared to a lot of people. But it was sad that our families missed out on seeing some of those firsts like Carter smiling and taking his first steps. But we got time to bond as a family - and Lew was so fantastic. We were sharing everything, including the night feeds."

Carter Ray is Lucy-Jo's first child with Lewis. She also shares seven-year-old daughter Sienna Rae with ex-husband and former Coronation Street co-star Alan Halsall.

They married in 2009 and divorced in 2018.

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