Lucy Boynton On De-Puffing Face Rollers, Blue Mascara And Being A Bath Person

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Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images


If we weren't already obsessed with Lucy Boynton for her girl-we-love-to-hate role in the Netflix series, The Politician, it would be for her ethereal red carpet make-up looks.

From full-on glitter under-eye patches, to multicoloured ice cream inspired eyeshadow, there doesn't seem to be a make-up trend the actress doesn't suit.

Whilst we might not be that versatile (unfortunately), we sat down with our favourite beauty guru to pick her brains on her make-up inspiration, raid through her make-up bag, get all the details on her skincare routine and find out how her French girl bob always looks so immaculate.

I hit the sack at...

...9pm if I have an early call time - my sleep schedule usually fits in around my working life.

I wake up at...

...I love the novelty of 2am work call times, being up before everyone else, but I definitely don't apply that to weekends.

The first thing that passes my lips is... I now blend it with ice in my Nutribullet to make a Frappuccino (well, kind of).

The last thing that passes my lips at night is...

...dark chocolate. I'm not much of a midnight snacker but that's my top craving.

My make-up routine...

...takes 20 minutes. I don't wear much, just a little La Mer concealer, my Jane Iredale powder and a Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. I love blue Chanel mascara for a bit of colour, too.

My skin... really sensitive, so I'm cautious trying new products. I love Weleda's Skin Food moisturiser and Gentle Cleansing Milk.

The craziest thing I've done in the name of beauty is...

...the Head To Toe Glow by Cynthia Franco - basically being rolled up like a burrito in an infrared wrap to help detoxify the body.

My greatest beauty discovery is... make-up artist Jo Baker gave me Chantecaille under-eye masks - I keep them in the fridge.

The last beauty item I bought myself was...

...a ReFa face roller. It looks quite aggressive but it's transformed my puffy morning face.

My fridge is always filled with…

...polaroid film. I read that if you keep it in the fridge it improves the colour, not sure if it’s true but I’m the sort of person who buys into that. I’ll keep you posted if it works.

I feel happiest...

...when spending hours in the bath reading or setting up my laptop to watch a series. I'm such a bath person.

I deal with stress... calling my very, very patient mother or writing my problems down - it's so therapeutic to leave everything on the page, rather than carry the weight of it around with you.

My biggest beauty indulgence is... much I dye my hair. The blonde maintenance is never ending. I see Mark Selley at Nicky Clarke. He's probably the only reason I still have hair left on my head.

Tell us a beauty secret...

...Olaplex and Christophe Robin's blue mask are my hair saviours - they keep it strong and banish brassiness.

The best beauty advice I've ever received was... should moisturise as frequently as possible, according to my mother.

The last beauty treatment I had was...

...before the Chloé show in Paris last February. I'd just wrapped 'The Politician' and was free to restyle my hair, so my hairdresser Jenny Cho cut a fringe.

Vanity to me is...

...the easiest way to dismiss people who are just feeling themselves. I don't give it much thought or weight.

Lucy Boynton is the face of Chloé's signature fragrance.

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