The lowdown on the 'blenditarian' movement

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Courtesy of UK & Ireland Mushroom Producers

Vegetarians and vegans will be familiar with swapping meat products in recipes for vegetables.

But it seems meat-eaters are hopping on the trend of late, with a growing movement of savvy, plant-forward home cooks, known as Blenditarians, who are stretching out meals and leftovers by switching out meat for finely chopped mushrooms.

"Mushrooms really are one of the most incredible food sources on the planet. Mushrooms are inherently good for you, as they are full of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants," said chef John Gladwell of Filthy Buns in London. "They are super healthy; a source of fibre and protein as well as being low in salt, sugar, and calories. Mushrooms have proven to be a hero, versatile ingredient used in home cooking. The Blend technique lends itself to burgers, tacos, pasta, you name it, it's a great way to make more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meals."

According to a recent poll of 2,000 adults, 63 per cent of U.K. consumers feel priced out of buying meat, with 72 per cent of those surveyed reducing their meat intake in a bid to save money due to rising food prices.

"The mighty mushroom really does make mealtimes go further as research reveals 69 per cent of UK consumers are now replacing part of their meat-based meals with vegetables," he continued.

Parents are also using this technique as a clever way to sneak vegetables and more of the good stuff into their children's meals.

"The great thing about using The Blend method, is that you are making your food actually taste better, it's a win-win - less spend, more vitamins and a happier planet too," the chef added. "All you need to do is substitute some mince for mushrooms - and continue to cook as normal. It's so easy."