Love without liquor: Singles increasingly staying sober during dates

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There's no question many people rely on a little liquid courage before heading out on a first date.

However, it seems there is a new trend emerging in which singles are becoming increasingly "sober curious" when looking for love.

According to the results of a survey of 2,000 U.K. singles commissioned by the team at dating app Plenty of Fish, around a third of participants reported always opting to stay sober when going on a date, with another third claimed only drinking alcohol occasionally.

Seven in 10 have ditched the drink on at least one date, and out of those who have never been on a "dry date", a whopping 83 per cent would be open to giving it a try.

"Drinking has long been considered a big part of British culture and therefore dating too, however as people continue their quest for love post-lockdown it's refreshing to hear they aren't relying on alcohol to lower the pressure on dates," shared Kate MacLean, relationship expert at Plenty of Fish. "It's important to be authentic and true to yourself when meeting someone new and singles recognise they can find more meaningful connections without a dose of Dutch courage which is something we love to see."

In addition, the survey results, released ahead of Sober October, indicated that singles are preferring to stay sober on dates so they can be fresh for work or the gym in the morning, as well as help them avoid hangovers.

Others revealed they prefer to stay teetotal in order to have more authentic experiences with a romantic partner, and potentially avoid thinking they like someone more than they really do.

A trip to the cinema ranked highly among activities for a "dry date", with other options including long walks, a meal out, bowling, a trip to the theatre, playing crazy golf, a boat trip, or visiting a gallery.

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