Experts recommend a ‘love pill’ to save marriages

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle3 May 2012

‘Love pills’ could soon be available to help couples stay together, according to researchers at Oxford University.

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With the divorce rate higher than it’s been since 2003 and a third of marriages ending within 15 years of the wedding day, it seems we really do need help to stay together.

The research was published in a study investigating how our brain chemistry affects our relationships. Researchers Julian Savulescu and Anders Sandberg believe that a pill containing chemical blockers and enhancers that work with our body chemistry could be the key to longer-lasting relationships and more loved-up couples.

The pill would potentially contain ‘cuddle chemicals’ oxytocin and vasopressom, hormones that are naturally occurring in high levels at the beginning of a relationship; pheromones, which trigger attraction and emotional response and testosterone to boost libido and increase sexual desire. CRH (corticotrophin-releasing hormone) would deepen the bond between two people by creating a fear of separation. Finally, entactogens, found in drugs MDMA and ecstacy would, in lower doses, improve connection and sociability by creating a feeling of openness and desire for closeness.

So forget about marriage counselling, the survival of our future relationships could be as simple as popping a pill. But is that a step too far?

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