We love Nicola Coughlan's response to being called 'brave' for her nude scene

nicola coughlan bridgerton nude scene
Nicola Coughlan on her Bridgerton nude sceneNetflix

Nicola Coughlan is fast becoming the celebrity we'd most want to be friends with, and her latest comments have only confirmed our judgement.

The Bridgerton actress, 37, had what can only be described as an iconic response to being called 'very brave' for her nude scene in season three of the hit Netflix show.

During a Q&A after a screening for part two at Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema, Nicola, who plays Penelope Featherington, was praised by a male journalist for getting her kit off for a steamy romp with her on-screen love interest Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton.

Ever the quick wit, she chose to make light of this remark, saying: 'You know, it is hard, 'cause I think women with my body type, women with perfect breasts, we don't get to see ourselves on screen enough. I am a proud member of the perfect breasts community and I hope you enjoy seeing them'.

Nicola's decision to take a humorous approach to seemingly endless comments about her body – 'so f**king disappointing and reductive' – feels like the fiercest way to put an end to it. She told Stylist last month that she had explicitly pushed to be 'very naked' on camera, working closely with Bridgerton's intimacy co-ordinator to film scenes she 'felt beautiful' and 'f**king hot' in.

'That was my idea, my choice,' she said. 'It just felt like the biggest f**k you to all the conversation surrounding my body. It was amazingly empowering.'

nicola coughlan bridgerton nude scene

Clarifying her position further in an interview with theSkimm, Nicola said: 'People said, you know, she did it to show the body shamers, but I didn't. I did it completely selfishly. I did it because I wanted to do it, and there's something incredibly empowering in that.'

Part two of Bridgerton season three drops tomorrow, Thursday 13 June, on Netflix, and you can bet our popcorn is at the ready...

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