Love Island's Toby reveals the one thing he got in trouble for in the villa

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Life in the Love Island villa might seem like it's all fun and games, but it turns out there are still rules to be followed and, yes, Islanders do get in trouble with producers if they break them. 

Contestant Faye Winter recently shared details on the bizarre villa rule she broke, and now fellow finalist Toby Aromolaran has followed suit, revealing the one thing he got in trouble for in the villa.  

Speaking on Instagram Live, Toby surprised fans by sharing his rule-breaking moment, explaining that he punched Islander Islander Tyler Cruickshank in the face. Toby was quick to clarify that the punch was an accident, but revealed that he still got in trouble for doing so.

Chatting about his behaviour in the villa, Toby told followers he was "good", hinting that the same couldn't be said for his fellow contestants. He explained, "I was good in there, to be honest, compared to everyone else."

He went on to talk about the accident with Tyler, saying, "I only got in trouble one time, and that one time was when I punched Tyler round the face."

However, Toby quickly clarified that it wasn't on purpose, saying "It was by accident!" before joking, "Or was it by accident..."

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Finalists Toby and Tyler stayed friends throughout their time in the villa together, so we're pretty sure any punches thrown were indeed accidents.

Still, it looks like the producers are certainly on it with rule-breakers. Islander Faye previously opened up about the one thing she got in trouble for in the villa, sitting down with Cosmopolitan UK for our latest Text On The Beach instalment

She told Cosmo exclusively, "There was one particular time I definitely broke the rules. I was sleeping out on the day bed when Casa Amor happened. It was 5am and it was so hot. I woke up and jumped in the pool straight away.

 "One of the producers was like, ‘Faye! How am I going to explain why you’re soaking wet at 5am in the morning?’ So that was one thing I broke the rules on."
Well, there you have it.

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