Love Island's Sean Stone discusses secret heartache and admits he 'hasn't watched' the show

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Love Island's latest heartthrob, Sean Stone, has spilled the beans on his recent breakup before stepping foot into the villa. The charming confectionery seller, aged 24 from Hertford, confessed he's not a typical Love Island superfan and is quite clueless about what to expect from the ITV2 dating show.

Chatting to media before the show begins this week, Sean dished out details about his pre-villa health transformation, which kicked off without any inkling he'd be joining the show. He shared: "From the start of the year, I was on a big health kick as people normally do. New Year, new me and that! Decided to just sort my head out, get back in the gym, get some routine back in me."

"I actually had a personal coach as well, to get me feeling as confident as possible," he continued. "I actually, well I had a partner the previous year and we broke up, then I thought: 'Right, back with a bang' and then I'm filled with confidence then this [Love Island] lands on my doorstep. Oh my God, things happen for a reason, right? ".

Reflecting on his love life, he continued: "I've only ever had one, it was that sort of first love and then things sort of... we go off on different paths. I had a real regroup of where I wanted to go, who I wanted to be, found my purpose inside me and then Love Island came knocking, I thought, you know what? I'm ready for this. I'm ready to love myself again and I want to love someone else. Really really excited to see my mystery woman! ".

The twelfth contestant revealed is Sean Stone
The twelfth contestant revealed is Sean Stone

Despite his excitement for the upcoming series, the new islander confessed he's not quite sure what to expect as he's never been an avid viewer of the show. The newbie shared: "I'm not really a super fan. So I don't really know what I've got in store coming my way to be honest, challenge wise.

"I keep hearing there's some absolute stinkers that are, you know, lined up along the way, so I'm a bit nervous, but, you know, I 100% wear my heart on my sleeve, I'll give it 110% and I'm sure I'll smash it.", reports the Mirror.

Elaborating on his lack of Love Island viewing, he added: "I wouldn't sit down and watch it every evening. I see highlights on TikTok, whatever, I've not watched the full series and the whole thing, so there will probably be some eye openers... for sure!"