Love Island's Samantha Kenny seen 3yrs before having Botox and lip fillers for the villa

Samantha Kenny in a restaurant
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Love Island star Samantha Kenny, who is entering the villa for the show's 11th series, has undergone something of a transformation in recent years. The soon-to-be TV star, 26, looks rather different in photos from 2021, prior to have Botox and lip fillers.

Samantha, who works as a make-up artist in her hometown of Liverpool, has shared that she's undergone a couple of procedures ahead of her villa debut. Speaking to press, she shared: "I go to the gym a lot anyway, so I feel like I was ready body wise.

"Literally, the only thing I've had done, I'm an honest person, the only thing I've had done genuinely was Botox. I get that anyway, I get it every couple of months. So I get it at Christmas and then I get it at the beginning of the summer."

Samantha Kenny
Samantha Kenny is heading into the Love Island villa -Credit:Ian Hippolyte/ITV/Love Island/REX/Shutterstock
Samantha Kenny in 2021
Samantha looks rather different in throwback snaps from 2021 -Credit:Instagram/Samantha Kenny

She continued: "So I've had my Botox done and other than that, I've had like a facial, switched up my skincare, but that's it really. I get my lips done anyway, but these haven't been touched since Christmas. So other than that, I haven't really done much."

Samantha isn't the only islander to have undergone surgery before entering the villa, with fans noticing that many of the returning stars for Love Island All Stars looked remarkably different when compared to photos of themselves before finding fame.

And, like Samantha, some of her fellow new islanders have undergone cosmetic surgery prior to entering the villa, with her upcoming co-star Jess White, revealing that she has undergone a breast augmentation. Revealing this, Jess shared that she had "paid a very, very big amount" for this, and that they better be her "best asset."

Samantha Kenny
Samantha has been open about her use of Botox and lip fillers, explaining that she has these done every few months -Credit:Instagram/Samantha Kenny

As they enter the villa Samantha, Jess, and their co-stars will have to choose who to couple with just moments after meeting one another. And will have to rank each other in terms of who they think is the most 'boyfriend or girlfriend material' based off of these first impressions.

A preview of this saw host Maya Jama telling the new arrivals: "You’ve already started getting to know each other so you guys have had enough time for first impressions, right? First impressions count.

"Boys and girls, I now want you to rate each other in order of who you think has come across the most like boyfriend and girlfriend material, right down to who has given the least relationship vibes."

The girls will then gather and organise the boys from most to least on who they think is boyfriend material. Then, it will be the boys time to place the girls from most to least on who they think is girlfriend material.