Love Island's Patsy Field stuns viewers as she reveals she shares a bed with her mum

Love Island star Patsy Field has left viewers stunned after making an unusual confession about her sleeping arrangements. Redhead Patsy, 29, made the admission while getting to know Ayo Odukoya, 25, during the first episode as the latest series kicked off on ITV.

The TV personality admitted that, despite being nearly 30 years old, she still shares a bed with her mum.

Fans took to social media to make their feelings known about the confession, as one person said: "Patsy, you’re 29 and you still share a bed with your mum?!!!!!! Girl??!!! #loveIsland." Another added: "Patsy, now why would you openly admit to sharing a bed with your mum on TV."

"Patsy is '29' and proudly shares a bed with her mother. #loveisland," chimed in a third. While a fourth wrote: "Ayo's face when Patsy said she shares a bed with her mum lol." "I think Patsy's mum sent her on there just so she can have her bed to herself for 8 weeks #LoveIsland," said another.

Patsy Field on Love Island
Patsy revealed she still shares a bed with her mum -Credit:ITV
Patsy joined the show tonight alongside the other initial Islanders. Pictured: Patsy, Ronnie and Ciaran
ITV2 Love Island viewers were left shocked by 29-year-old Patsy's confession about her sleeping habits -Credit:No credit

Before entering the villa, contestant Patsy, who lives with Erb's Palsy, shared how Love Island has been accommodating her needs. The disability means the TV star has one arm that is longer than the other.

She opened up about her condition, which was caused by complications at birth, saying, "I struggle to put my hair up and stuff. But as I've got to 29, I've found tips and tricks to get around pretty much everything. I can't do the handstand. But when in life do we do handstand? It doesn't affect how they view me as a love interest."

Patsy, Ronnie and Ciaran are among the new Islanders
Patsy, Ronnie and Ciaran are among the new Islanders -Credit:ITV

Patsy also discussed the modifications made for her in the villa: "There are things that will be interesting I guess, for other people to see on camera that I can't do. I struggle to put my hair up and stuff. But I always just kind of find something to rest my arm on, or I often - you'll probably see me in there - I'm using my friend's shoulder to put my arm on, so I can lift it up and do my hair.

The latest episode was filled with many twists and turn as The Islanders have now paired off, had to ranked each other from most to least boyfriend or girlfriend material. The lad who was dubbed the most boyfriend material was then matched with the lass who was deemed most girlfriend material, and vice versa for those labelled the least.

Viewers were also left stunned when it was announced that TOWIE legend, Joey Essex, 34, had entered as a villa bombshell.