Love Island's Nicole Samuel's age unveiled as viewers insist 'there's just no way'

Love Island's Nicole Samuel is one of the Islanders heading into the villa for the series' kick-off on Monday, 3 June, and in an introduction video on the show's official Instagram page, she unveiled her age - leaving fans shocked.

In the clip, Jess, who wore an orange bikini top whilst her brown hair tumbled in loose curls around her shoulders, could be heard saying: "Ah, I'm a proper Valleys girl. I'm as Valleys as they come.

"My name's Nicole. I'm 24 and I'm from Aberdare in the Valleys.

"I'm an accounts manager for a family-run business."

She continued: "I've got all the guys from work wrapped around my finger, they do exactly what I want them to do. Dad just leaves me to it, he's over it now. Half the time I'm gallivanting to different countries - he's like 'are you going to work today or?' and I'll be like, 'no, I'm in Marbella'."

Nicole Samuel Love Island
Nicole Samuel is one of the sexy singletons going on Love Island this summer -Credit:ITV

She went on to reveal that she's been single for "four long years" before dishing that she and her ex-partner had bought a house together, before she caught him cheating on her. She subsequently "threw him out of the house and changed the locks on the doors".

Nicole said that a lot of men are 'intimidated' by her and her 'big personality', before claiming that she's a '10 out of ten' and 'doesn't have any flaws'.

Nicole Samuels Love Island
Some Love Island fans were shocked at Nicole's young age -Credit:ITV

But Love Island fans flooded the comments section as they expressed shock that Nicole is 24 years old, as one wrote: "What is going on, 24 going on 42. Is it the cameras they use that ages them all so heavily?!"

Another said: "She looks 40," whilst a third wrote: "24!!!!!! These girls are filing their face with too much!"

A fourth commented: "I’m 35 and I genuinely think I look younger they need to do a love island over 30s."

However, others jumped to Nicole's defence, as one said: "The comment section is a really good example of women not liking women."

"Great job bullying her everyone before she even gets on the show, take a serious look at yourselves and leave the beautiful girl alone," ranted another.

Yet another commented: "Beautiful girl!!! How are people saying she looks 40?!!! The cameras lie she is flawless keep your horrible comments to yourself until Monday."

Maya Jama is returning to host the iconic show, which kicks off at 9pm on Monday, 3 June, with a brand new round of stunning singletons looking to find love under the Spanish sun.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV1, ITV2 AND ITVX