Love Island's Molly-Mae just shared her £1 trick for setting mermaid waves

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If there's one thing Love Island's Molly-Mae is best known for (apart from loving a good shop-up at Boots), it's her long, blonde mermaid waves.

There are so many curl tools on the market depending on the type of finish you're after, but to create those distinctive "under the sea" s-shaped waves, you need a triple-barrel iron, rather than a straightener or curling tong.

In a recent YouTube tutorial, Molly talked viewers through a dramatic hair and make-up transformation, which she said was much needed after months of "not feeling myself."

We know the feeling, Molly.

She gave some great advice for achieving the mermaid waves of dreams, showing viewers how to get a beachy, slept-in finish by holding the tool "the straight way," with the temperature controls facing outwards.

She then flipped the iron, so that the temperature controls were facing her, and used them in exactly the same way, but producing a more polished, uniform finish for a night out.

She used her new Beauty Works x Molly-Mae Waver Kit, £89.99 to get the look, which contains a triple-barrel wave iron (for that s-shaped wave), a wide-toothed comb and eight flat, no-crease clips.

Another great tip she gave was for once you've finished heat styling, and want to guarantee your waves stay in place all day.

Molly placed the eight flat, crease-free clips that come as part of the kit, just inside the dent of the first four waves either side of her face, including either side of her parting to keep the top sections of her hair flat and smooth.

This technique allows cool air to set the waves in place, making them more defined and long-lasting (without leaving a tell-tale clip line).


Already own a triple-barrel waver? You can just buy the crease-free clips separately for really cheap (we found some for £1.07 on Amazon).

Molly finished by removing the clips, gently running a wide-toothed comb through her waves to give them a more natural finish, then smoothing over them with some argan oil.

And there you have it, Ariel-esque hair that will still look fresh when your head hits the pillow.

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