Love Island's Martin apologises to Tanya and Shaq

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Love Island's Martin Akinola has admitted he "crossed the line", as he and Shaq Muhammad faced each other again on The Reunion.

The pair both vied for the affections of Tanya Manhenga in this winter's villa, with Shaq coming out on top in the end, but not before she had a Casa Amor wobble and re-coupled with Martin for a little bit.

Following his exit, Martin joined Will Njobvu's podcast Reality, where his comments about bedding Tanya and her lack of love for Shaq didn't sit well with the latter.

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Confronting him on the reunion show yesterday (March 19), Shaq said: "I think for me, I want to know why you came out of the show and started talking on podcasts, saying you would sleep with Tanya in ways you can't imagine.

"Because one, that did not happen and two, if that's how you choose to speak about women, that's up to you. But it's disgusting."

Martin replied: "Okay, fair enough. That's fair enough. But if you watch the podcast, you'd know that's not what happened. But what I will say is, I didn't expect you to say that's what happened or whatever.

"But I will say, yeah, I crossed the line there. I shouldn't have said that. So I apologise to Tanya, mostly because we never acknowledged what was talked about."

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After more back-and-forth between them, Love Island host Maya Jama had to step in and invite the pair to hash out their differences when The Reunion wrapped up.

"So sorry, we've got to move on, just because time is live, but thank you so much for joining us," she said. "We can discuss this off camera later."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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