Love Island's Liam and Millie's reunion with Lillie was so awkward

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Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Love Island fans just watched Millie Court and Liam Reardon reunite with Lillie Haynes after their Casa Amor / villa antics, and it's safe to say it was pretty awkward. 

ICYMI, Millie and Liam were coupled up in the main villa after both arriving as bombshells. During Casa Amor, he kissed and shared a bed with Lillie, before deciding to return to Millie single - something which Lille was "shocked" by.

Since then, Liam and Millie went on to win the show and go official as boyfriend and girlfriend, while Lillie said in an interview she felt "misled" by Liam in the villa. 

Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Now during the Reunion episode, Laura Whitmore reunited the trio on stage in front of everyone, with Lillie revealing she and Millie had spoken since leaving the villa. 

Liam then told Lillie, "What's happened, happened. You're a nice person, I'm a nice person... If we can be friends at least."

Wow that was awkward. 

Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

As one viewer put it, "Omfg Lillie, Millie and Liam so insanely nervous and awkward," while another put, "Yeah Laura has no shame in making this so awkward for Millie, Liam and Lillie." Someone else said, "This is so awkward to watch Millie Liam and Lillie on stage."

Someone else pointed out how hard that must've been for the contestants, so fair play to them for even doing it. They added, "I genuinely think Lillie, Millie AND Liam did so well there because that must've been SO awkward."

The Reunion episode is delivering the goods.

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