Love Island's Kaz on the worst person to live with might surprise you

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island's Tyler Cruickshank and Kaz Kamwi reveal which couple they think will get married first and who was the worst to live with in a new game of Text On The Beach.

The finalists sat down with Cosmopolitan UK to chat all things Love Island, touching on who they're still in touch with from the show. "I’ve spoken to all of the finalists," Kaz said.

"Obviously Liberty [Poole] the most. We FaceTime every day. And Aaron, AJ, Georgia. I’ve spoken to a lot of people."

She also revealed who she thinks will get married first, from her fellow couples in the villa. "Chloe and Toby. Everyone could get married. I don’t know about when. I want to go to the wedding because it would be lit. Chloby’s wedding would be fun."

Tyler added, "Yeah, I’ll second that. [But] it could be any one of [the couples]. I can see it on the cards, but not any time soon."

The pair then had a hilarious answer about who was the worst person to live with - and it's probably not what you'd expect! "In terms of messiness, most of us just didn’t really look after the villa. We had amazing people like Faye and Brad [who kept everyone clean]," Kaz said.

"I was one of the annoying people who didn’t lift a finger. I was probably one of the worst. There were some days when I was like, ‘I’m going to make myself breakfast. And then someone would be like, ‘Oh Kaz, I’ll make you something.’ Why am I going to say no?"

Photo credit: Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images

Tyler then added,"Kaz didn’t want to lift a finger! It’s when you finish with your plate, you put it in the sink and you walk away. And I’d [jokingly] be like, ‘Ah, Kaz.. That’s out of order."

Catch the couple's answers - and how Tyler broke the Love Island villa rules - in the video above.

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