Love Island's Jack Fowler reveals he was left unable to walk after rare illness

Zoe Shenton
Photo credit: David M. Benett

From Cosmopolitan

Love Island's Jack Fowler has revealed he was left unable to walk for weeks after suffering from a rare illness earlier this year. Jack, who appeared on the 2018 series of the ITV2 dating show, fell ill with a rare neurological ­condition.

Speaking to the Oxford Union, via The Sun, the personal trainer revealed his spine became inflamed as a result of transverse myelitis.

"Instagram, social media is absolutely fake. At the start of this year - no one knows this - I had something called transverse myelitis. I lost all movement in my legs and my left arm, paralysed, I was in a wheelchair for two or three weeks," he shared.

Jack admitted that anyone who followed him on Instagram wouldn't have known anything was wrong because he kept posting pictures that told a totally different story.

"On my Instagram I was ­having a wicked time, I was having a great time," he went on. "I was in Dubai, I was in Thailand for all of the two weeks because that's the 'gram making it look like that. But realistically, I wasn't - I was going through the hardest time of my life."

Jack was speaking as part of a debate called Love Island: Should We Regret the Summer of Love? which also saw former contestants Malin Andersson and Amy Hart take part.

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