Love Island's Davide on Dancing On Ice and engagement rumours

Davide Sanclimenti shares that he has asked to do Dancing On Ice, and reveals the truth about rumours of his engagement to Ekin-Su Culculoglu.

Video transcript

- Rumor, and I think it's been confirmed, actually. I don't know why I'm saying it's a rumor. You were asked to do "Dancing On Ice" this year, and you're going to do it next year. But, I mean--

- I know it's planned this next year.

- Yes. But if "Egg and Sue" comes out early, would you-- I mean, that puts quite a lot of pressure on you next year?

- Yeah someone need to-- no. Well, I hope--

- Can you do it?

- Yeah. Well, I went to see her once. They gave me some ice skater. They actually been surprised how I could at least stand on myself. But no. Well, next year, we will see. I think that this is the reality, and I'm going to be there to support her. The next year, if I'm going to have the possibility, I hope she will be there to support me, you know?

- Well, you're obviously very supportive of each other. Have you got engaged, Davide, because we saw a video of you where you're presenting her with a ring.

- Yeah, yeah. Well, I gave her a ring because now we are officially together. We love each other. We live together. And I thought, even if we're still not getting married, but I thought that she deserved something on the hand. So I wanted to buy her a ring, and I did for Christmas, and I gave her in Rome just to make it more symbolic.

- So you are engaged?

- No, not engaged. It's a promise ring.

- A promise ring.

- Yeah, in Italy, we use--

- Davide, just get on with it.

- Yeah.

- Oh, let them take their own sweet time.

- Our own time. Our time.

- Yeah.